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Sustainability Policy

Our Choice Is Green 
Shopsy’s Catering can provide biodegradable disposable products as part of our environmental policy. Take-out containers, cups, plates, cutlery, box lunch trays and BBQ catering packaging can all be provided as biodegradable options for your upcoming events. In addition, our produce is farmed from local sources, our fish is bought from sustainable sources, and we offer Fair Trade produce and a menu free of genetically modified ingredients if so desired. Our food is handmade by passionate artisans who practise sustainable, ethical and social responsibility. While our efforts represent merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to preserving our planet for future generations, we strongly believe that the measures we’ve taken to support a healthy environment serve the interests of everybody, both now and for many years to come.
Working with Ontario food that’s in season is better in every way; it offers freshness, good nutritional quality, great taste and better value for money. We have a great wealth of fantastic produce on our doorsteps so we’re all for celebrating and enjoying it. If we don’t, some of our best Canadian produce will simply disappear. The Ontario countryside and its farmers and growers need our support and at Shopsy’s we’re more that happy to provide that.
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